Activate VDI of NDHU

Activation instructions:

  • What is VDI?

  • Donghwa University's virtual desktop (VDI) is only available for in-service faculty and students. (Up to 150 people use the virtual desktop at the same time)

  • To use the virtual desktop (VDI) for the first time, or to return to the state of studying after taking a leave of absence, you need to execute "Enable Virtual Desktop (VDI)".

  • If you resign, graduate, drop out, leave school and other non-working and non-study status changes, the virtual desktop (VDI) account data will be removed, please back up the relevant data yourself.

  • The virtual desktop (VDI) login URL is

    If your school mailbox is, then virtual desktop (VDI) account only needs to enter xxx , password and xxx@gms The mailbox is the same.

    Step 1. Enable: Use the account password of the gms mailbox to authenticate the user, if the authentication is successful, write the data into Microsoft AD (Active Directory)

    If you enable the system to return your own group and password last change time to the time you enabled it, it means that the data has been successfully written to Microsoft AD and step 1 has been completed.
    After step 1 is successful, you can immediately go to step 2 to use VDI, unlike OFFICE365, which requires a waiting time of up to 60 minutes.
    Step 1 If you have any questions, please contact: 03-8906747 or
    I emphasize again: This system is only responsible for enabling step 1,
    If you succeed in step 1, but you still cannot log in to the virtual desktop (VDI), or there is a problem with the virtual desktop (VDI) after logging in, please contact the administrator in step 2

    Step 2. Login to use Virtual Desktop Virtual Desktop (VDI): tw/

    Step 2 If you have any questions, please contact: 03-8906773 or enter the account, no need to enter after @)