activate Office365 of NDHU

Activation instructions:

  • Donghwa University office365 is only available for in-service faculty and students.

  • To use office365 for the first time, or to return to school status after a leave of absence, you need to execute this "activate Office365"

  • If you resign, graduate, drop out, leave school, and other non-employment or non-study status changes, the office365 account data will be removed. Please back up the relevant data yourself.

  • If your school mailbox is, your office365 account is, and the password is the same as

  • This page is only responsible for enabling (let you have the right to use office365), not the office365 login and use page, the office365 login URL is

  • Teams simple instructions: log in as, otherwise the class will not be available even if there is a course link or code))

    【E-mail】 【phone】03-8906708 enter the account, no need to enter after @)