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標題: 【學生宿舍】109學年度學生宿舍申請作業重要事項【Student Dormitory】2020-2021 Academic Year Dormitory Application 
日期: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 09:04:59 +0800
附檔: 109學年宿舍申請時程Instructions and Timetable of Dormitory Application 0312.pdf (266 KB)   

1、	完成登錄作業
   (1) 宿舍申請登錄時間:2020/3/17(二)12:30起至各階段床位申請截止日止。
   (2) 宿舍申請登錄,需輸入選課帳號、密碼,並確認本人郵局或銀行帳戶資料且已繳清住宿相關欠費,欲登記室友者需驗證室友學號與手機號碼,請同學至電子學習履歷先行確認手機號碼正確無誤。

(1) 申請時間如后:     
	大學部(女生):2020/3/25(三)12:30起至3/26(四)15:00止。
	大學部(男生):2020/3/26(四)12:30起至3/27(五)15:00止。   
	碩博生(男、女):2020/3/30(一)12:30起至3/31(二)15:00止。
	第一次候補(登記):2020/4/1(三)12:30起至4/8(三)15:00止
(2) 說明:

(1) 住宿保證金繳交時間為2020/4/1(三)12:00起至4/12(日)24:00時止,床位申請成功者須於期限內繳交住宿保證金(每人貳仟元整)以取得住宿資格,請同學務必留意繳費期限。
(2) 未於期限內完成保證金繳交者視同床位放棄,其放棄之床位將提供候補同學進行床位申請。
(3) 完成保證金繳交者具有109學年度上、下學期住宿資格,為避免影響其他同學床位申請權益,建議同學珍惜已完成申請之床位,若非因畢業、休退學或其他不可抗拒原因仍要求放棄床位或退宿者,依據「國立東華大學學生宿舍申請住宿及退費辦法」第七條第二項,保證金不予退還,特此提醒與說明。


Dear All,
The procedure of dormitory application consists of three steps:
1. Sign up online
(1) Sign-up will start at 2020/3/17(Tue) 12:30 to the deadlines based on following time.
(2) Log in with your course-selection account and password. Please make sure that your post office or bank information is filled in correctly and  that you have paid off any  pending dormitory fees. If you would like to choose a roommate for next semester, make sure to fill out his/her student ID and phone number in the ePortfolio system.  
2. Complete the application process
(1)	Application period:
	Undergraduate students (female): 2020/3/25(Wed) 12:30 ~ 3/26(Thu) 15:00
	Undergraduate students (male): 2020/3/26(Thu) 12:30 ~ 3/27(Fri) 15:00 
	Graduate students (male/female): 2020/3/30(Mon) 12:30 ~ 3/31 (Tue)15:00
	Waiting list application: 2020/4/1(Wed)12:30 ~ 4/8(Wed)) 15:00
(2) Please check the dates carefully. Space may not be available for students who fail to apply on time due to the principle of fairness. 
(3) Students who have been given an accommodation priority (middle-low-income households, low-income households, physically or mentally handicapped students, international students, and sophomores-to-be) should also follow the application procedure. No application will be accepted after the deadlines.
3. Pay the guarantee deposit (2,000 NT)
(1) Payment period: 2020/4/1(Wed)12:00 ~ 4/12(Sun) 24:00.
(2) Be sure to pay the guarantee deposit during this period, otherwise your application will be cancelled, and your reserved space will be open to the waiting applicants. 
(3) The deposit will not be refunded if you cancel the application for any reason other than graduation, dropping out of the school or some other unavoidable reasons.
※	Notes 
★1、Dormitory Ⅶ Smart Card Power System: Dormitory residents must top up with money to their student ID easy card in order to pay for electricity and keepcontinuous use.
2、The dormitory fee is charged by the accommodation types (either semester or winter/summer vacation, etc). The opening and closing dates of the dormitory are in accordance of the university's calendar.
★3、 Though the dormitory and room preference is specified by applicants, residents must cooperate with any arrangements made by the Student Living Services Division due to the dormitory accommodation conditions.  
4、 Residents who need to stay in a dormitory during the summer or winter vacation must apply for the dormitory before the designated deadline.
★5、In order to maintain the quality of dormitory, cleaning and repair will be implemented during the summer and winter vacations. A luggage storage area will be provided for residents who need to store their luggage temporarily until the vacation ends.  Residents who fail to adhere to luggage storage rules should refrain from utilizing the service. Please note that the Living Services Division will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to your belongings. Store luggage at your own risk.
★6、 During the winter vacation, students who live on the first and second floor of DormitoryⅤ need to clear out their rooms, for there will be students who need to move in the dormitory. The dormitory will provide residents with an area to store luggage until the vacation-end.  
★7、For being in line with the university's “Keep Trash Off the Ground" policy, garbage/recycling bins will not be provided in public areas in any dormitory. Residents must follow regulations in order to maintain a clean environment.
8、Please read all the regulations carefully before completing dormitory application. 
For any questions or concerns, please contact assistant  Ms. Chung at 03-8906217

Your safety, OSA's delight!
Student Living Services Division Office of Student Affairs

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