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標題: PE Center offers Beneficial Courses of Body, Mind and Soul, 108-2 semester 
日期: Thu, 9 Jan 2020 09:03:48 +0800

Physical Education Center offers a series of beneficial continuing & extension courses on Body, Mind and Soul of 108-2 semester that provide learning opportunities on several wholesome curricula for those who are endeavoring to seek rejuvenation and balance in life.
Curricula cover subjects such as Gentle Flow Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga and Pilates with Ball/ Band &c., which are conducive to the balance among body, mind, soul, to enjoying a whole, mindful, fulfilled life by immersing yourself in these attractive lessons.
Courses held by: Physical Education Center (10 one-and-a-half-hour sessions)
Number of enrollments: 25 persons (class will not open until there are at least 10 persons, enrollment will stop if class is full)
Participants: Dong Hwa’s faculty, staff, students and community residents (junior high school graduation and upwards)
Sign up by : 17:00 pm, Mar. 5, 2020(Thu). (Please pay up tuition before attending class)
Sign up via following website: 
Gentle flow yoga:
Kundalini Yoga:
Yin Yang yoga:
Pilates with Ball and Band:

Admission: the priority of enrollment is on first-in-first-serve basis (in time sequence of registering to the website), which the accepted name list will be made public in fan page, PE Center’s web and in school-wide notice.  Flow Chart of admission procedure please see website as below: https://goo.gl/tr2YMm
Course starting date: from Mar. 10, 2020 (Tue) forward
NT$3000/one course * one person; 
Early-bird preferential charge: Those who sign up and pay up before Feb.24, 2020 (Mon) can enjoy 10 % off discount on tuition (NT$2700), Threesome(pay up 3 persons’ tuitions at one time) or one person signing up 3 different courses enjoys 20% off (NT$2400).
Above-mentioned tuition is not including bank charge that arises in tele-transfer or credit card payment, which should be borne at your end.
Please effect your payment through Dong Hwa’s online payment system as follows: http://web.ndhu.edu.tw/ga/onlinepay/pay.aspx or pay up directly at Physical Education Center’s office during office hours.
*Record of having completed such courses could be logged to Learning Passport of government employees, if you are a civil servant.
Syllabus please log on to PE Center website as follows:
Curricula explication:
I. Gentle Flow Yoga / instructor- Lalana:
Mar. 10- May.12 (Tue) 12:10-13:40 at noon (1.5 hours/session) 10 sessions (Please bring with you the yoga mat)
“Sense your being at the moment, steady your body and mind“ 
Slow down the speed of a stream of yoga movements, during which be led by your own breathing, seek tranquility in it. By awaking softly your strength and beefing up your extremities could we retrieve the equable, balanced immanence. 
II. Kundalini Yoga / instructor- Harprem Kaur:
Mar. 10- May.12 (Tue) 18:30-20:00 at noon (1.5 hours/session) 10 sessions (Please bring with you the yoga mat)
“Kundalini Yoga that derives from Yogi Bhajan”
Kundalini Yoga can let us develop minute sentience to experience beautiful relationship between things in the world. Every practice includes yogic breathing, physical postures, mudra (hand postures), shavasana and meditation.
The practice of kriyas can stretch muscles, strengthen nerve systems, endocrine glands and lymph, massage/clean body organization and internal organs, balance 8 chakras and 10 pranic channels, connect inner parts, observe minds, eliminate old habits and karma.
III. Ying Yang Yoga/ instructor Sarah:
Mar. 11- May.13 (Wed) 18:30-20:00 pm (1.5 hours/session) 10 sessions (Please bring with you the yoga
“Balance energy between Ying and Yang, improve health and vitality. “
Practice of Yang yoga is more dynamic and vital, to increase body flexibility and softness, to quicken blood circulation, release cloggy energy, resolve edema, strengthen joints muscles and pulmonary respiration, stimulate digestive and excretion system. Contrastingly, practice of Ying yoga is more static. Less movements and long static situation enables more “qui” focus deeper Ying organizations and bones/ligaments, then relax nerves and calm inner minds. This course can reach natural equilibrium through Ying and Yang’s energy intermingles, strengthen trainees’ vitality and endurance in body and mind.  
III. Pilates with ball and band/ instructor Victoria:
Mar. 12- May. 21  (Thu) 18:30-20:00 pm (1.5 hours/session) 10 sessions (Please bring with you the yoga
“Pilates make your body move effectively”
PBB is a training course that combines Pilates and Swiss ball, elastic band. This course emphasizes correct body position, stabilization and control, tensibility and contraction training. Focus your minds concentration through correct breathing, to attain to training purpose safely and avoid injury.
Regular practices is instrumental to increase strength and ductility in arm, abdomen, back, buttocks and legs, let you to own ,after practices, a tauter body curve, firm abs, ripped V line, peach hip and slender limbs. 
All lecturing instructors’ simple resume please refer to Physical Education Center’s webpage as follows: 
Contact persons: James Chuang 03-8906613 / Eugen Chen 03-8906622
Fan page: https://goo.gl/k7MUNj
Other points for your attention:
1.	These courses are non-credit courses that do not offer college credit. 
2.	Those who attend the course throughout will be accorded civil servant learning hours, if you are a civil servant. Please submit your application after having completed the course to Physical Education Center office. 
3.	Drop course handling:
(1). Print out drop course application and send to the person in charge during office hours, application time is the time application form duly received in the office.
(2). Criteria for Tuition refund is following Ministry of Education’s stipulation: refund before class begins: reimburse 90 % of paid tuition.  Refund for class that has lectured less than 1/3 of all sessions: reimburse 50 % of paid tuition. Refund for class that has lectured over 1/3 of all sessions: no reimburse of paid tuition. 
4. NDHU reserves the right to adjust course according to actual needs. Should there be typhoon alert, whether class close or not will follow the “Work and Class Status during Natural Disasters” announced by Directorate –General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan and no further notification from us. Class will be made up later if there should be school closing due to typhoon. 

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